To Leslie And Beyond


In Osceola on Monday, September 22, 1969, Dale wrote, “Leo Sanders’ brother Frank and sister Blanche came at 10 a.m.  We took them for a long ride through Leslie, to Mac and Wilma’s, to Ruth and Louie’s, etc.  Margie was here in the afternoon.  Read Mother’s diary in the evening till after midnight.  High about 70°.”
Siblings Leo, Frank, and Blanche were children of Luther Sanders and Adelia Lewis, daughter of Aaron Lewis and his first wife Susan Linder.  Aaron’s brother Ezra Lewis was Helen’s grandfather, married to Susan Stiverson (who married Aaron after Ezra and Susan Linder died).  Wilma and Louie were Helen’s siblings, and Margie was Louie and Ruth’s daughter.  On the map, Leslie is about 8 miles south of Osceola.

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