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What’s My Line?

In Muscatine on Sunday, March 30, 1952, Dale wrote that Arthur Godfrey appeared on the television show, “What’s My Line?”  The show featured panelists guessing the identity of mystery contestants.  For celebrity contestants such as Godfrey, the panelists wore blindfolds.  Below are panelists Arlene Dahl, Bennett Cerf, Dorothy Kilgallen, and host John Daly.

The Price of Gasoline

In Osceola, Iowa, on Friday, March 29, 1935, Dale bought 8 gallons of kerosene for 74¢ and 4 gallons of gasoline for 56¢.  Imagine: gasoline at 14¢ per gallon!

Walking to the Doctor’s Office

In Muscatine on Saturday, March 28, 1953, Dale walked downtown with Helen to his doctor’s office for a vitamin B12 shot.  Dalene went roller skating with Lisa Emerick at the skating rink a half-block up the hill from our house.

Osceola Visitors in Minneapolis

In Minneapolis on Saturday, March 26, 1960, Dale’s mother Jettie, his sister Marie Kimmel and her daughter Susan, and friend Betty Potter arrived from Osceola to spend the weekend visiting Dale, Helen, and Dalene at their house.

Dalene Goes to a Shower

In Minneapolis on Saturday, March 25, 1961, my sister Dalene went to a shower, and spent the night at a girl friend’s house.  Dad did not record whose shower or which girl friend.

Jettie’s House in Town

On Saturday, March 24, 1951, Dale drove from Muscatine to his mother Jettie’s new home in town in Osceola, to be with her for the weekend.  They went to Marie’s house that night to watch television, and they went to church the next day.  He drove back to Muscatine the following Monday.  Below: Jettie at her piano.

Truth or Consequences

On Saturday, March 23, 1940, the long-running game show hosted by Ralph Edwards, Truth or Consequences, made its debut on NBC radio.  The town of Hot Springs, New Mexico, was renamed Truth or Consequences after the game show in 1950, when Ralph Edwards announced that he would host the program from the first town so renamed.  Edwards himself continued to make appearances at the town’s annual fiesta every May until his death.  Below: the TV version of the show.

Mystery Leg Pains

On Sunday, March 22, 1953, Dale wrote, “Up early and left Muscatine about 7 a.m. for St. Paul.  Legs stopped me in Oelwein, Iowa, and Jack Owens came after me.  Stayed three hours in Mealey Hotel.  Left the Mercury at a garage in Oelwein to fix the transmission.  Admitted to Bellevue Hospital in Muscatine at 7 p.m.”  He had been transferred to St. Paul, but his legs won’t let him move there.  His leg discomfort continued periodically for years.

A March Blizzard

On Friday, March 21, 1952, Dale drove from Muscatine to Osceola to attend the funeral of Joseph Garwood, husband of Sarah Gardner (sister of Dale’s grandfather Isaac Newton Gardner).  He left Osceola at 3:30 to drive back to Muscatine, but the weather turned into a blizzard, and he got stuck outside West Liberty.  He got home at 10:15 that night.

Muscatine Wins State Championship

On Saturday, March 20, 1954, Muscatine High School beat Des Moines Roosevelt High School, 67-53, to win the Iowa boy’s basketball state championship.  This was an exhilarating event for those of us in high school at the time!

1955 State Champs

On Saturday, March 19, 1955, Ames beat Iowa City for the Iowa high school boy’s basketball championship.  One year earlier, Muscatine won the championship.

The Price of Beef

In Osceola on Wednesday, March 18, 1935, Dale Gardner bought two Jersey cows, age 2 and 4, for $28.75 and $28.50.  It costs that much now for just a good steak.  Below: a Jersey cow.

A Minneapolis Blizzard

In Minneapolis on Wednesday, March 17, 1965, a high of 24° and snow all day with strong winds resulted in a blizzard.  Dale wrote, “Worst in our nine years here.”  Below: their house after the storm.

A Fun Party

In St. Paul on Saturday, March 15, 1941, Dale wrote, “Mrs. Marshall had a birthday party here for Mary Ann.  Stanley sure had a good time.”  Mrs. Marshall was a neighbor and Mary Ann her daughter, but I don’t remember them.

Define “PBX”

On Wednesday, March 14, 1956, Helen got a job in Minneapolis at the Century Theater as PBX Operator.  She had PBX experience from her early days in Osceola as a telephone operator, and as switchboard operator at Muscatine County Hospital, but had to learn theater practices.  It turns out she only worked there for a week, saying she wasn’t busy enough and too much traffic.
(Answer: Private Branch eXchange.  A switchboard, as shown below.)

North of the Weldon Stock Yards

It was a Wednesday, March 13, in 1935.  Helen and Dale moved to their farm one-half mile north of the Weldon, Iowa, stock yards.  From there, they would frequently walk to town, since they had no car.

Dictionary Giggle 3

Here’s another definition from my cousin Margie.

CHICKENS: The only animals you eat before they are born and after they are dead.

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