Lake McBride in 1943, between Iowa City and Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Dale became a Gauger in 1943 (“a revenue officer who inspects bulk goods subject to duty”).  In the Internal Revenue Service, Alcohol Tax Unit, a Gauger measured the quantity of alcohol in a container – such as a tank car – and ensured the appropriate amount of federal tax was applied.  This is another short diary, missing half of the year.  Going to movies was a major pastime.  Family members visited included Lloyd Gardner and his family (several times, since they were living in Omaha, too, while Lloyd worked on a government job during the war); Marie Kimmel; Louie, Ruth, and Margie Schaffer; Lela and Gene Yates and family; Dot Schaffer; and Jettie and Williams Gardner.

I was unable to find any diary entries from 1944-1949.

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