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Slow Learner?

On Friday, May 31, 1957, I graduated from Muscatine Junior College with a two-year Associate in Arts degree, and it took me until 1964 in fits and starts, mostly at night, to finish a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in mathematics at California State University at Northridge (“CSUN”).

Memorial Day Tragedy

In Minneapolis on Thursday, May 30, 1957, Dale wrote, “Memorial Day.  Two jet planes crashed near here and fell 20 blocks away.  One pilot killed, nine civilians injured.  Houses burned.  They went right over our house before falling.  I saw them.”  The ‘death planes,’ as a May 31, 1957 Minneapolis Star reporter called them, were two of four F-9-F Panther Navy jets (above) doing ‘fly-overs’ at Sunset Memorial Park cemetery on St. Anthony Boulevard. Thousands of on-lookers, including Minnesota Governor Orville Freeman and Capt. Frank Gill, naval air station commander, attended the event.

Busy Day

In Minneapolis on Monday, May 29, 1961, Dale took the day off work and wrote, “Had my eyes tested, and 11,000 mile service on the Plymouth.  To Twin City Federal about our sewer assessment, to Wards for a swim suit for Dalene, and bought linoleum for the kitchen.”  Above: rolls of linoleum flooring.

Gone Picnicking

In Minneapolis on Thursday, May 28, 1959, Dale took the day off work and wrote, “Dalene went on a picnic all day.  Finished papering the living and dining rooms at 11 p.m.”

Golden Gate

On Thursday, May 27, 1937, the newly completed Golden Gate Bridge connecting San Francisco and Marin County, California, opened to pedestrian traffic.  Vehicles began crossing the next day.

Buying Paint

In Minneapolis on Monday, May 26, 1958, Dale wrote, “Rain in forenoon and at noon.  Took Helen and Dalene downtown after work.  Bought paint, also bought a blouse for Dinny.  We had supper at a drive-in.”

Bottling Plant Visitors

In Minneapolis on Friday, May 25, 1956, Dale wrote, “Helen, Marie, and Susie visited at Ed Phillips where I’m working.”  Dale’s sister Marie was Susan’s mother.  Above: the bottling plant was at 2345 Kennedy Street, off Stinson Boulevard.

Muscatine Junior College

In Minneapolis on Friday, May 24, 1957, Dale wrote, “Nice day.  Stan called to ask us to come to his Junior College graduation next Friday in Muscatine.  Helen and I watched a late movie.  Dalene went to a show.”  Above: Muscatine Junior College in 1957.

Time Machine

In Minneapolis on Saturday, May 23, 1959, Dale wrote, “Beautiful day, in the 60s.  Painted the buffet.  Mother sent Dalene a 19 jewel Elgin wrist watch for her senior year in high school next year.  Dalene mowed the lawn.”

Visiting California

Vacationing from Minneapolis in California with Helen on Sunday, May 22, 1966, Dale wrote, “Breakfast at Dalene’s apartment.  Back to our motel to clean the car and load it for tomorrow – starting home.  Took Dalene to supper at Norm’s, in Santa Monica.  I had a steak.  Visited Dalene and Vicki until 10 p.m.  High today about 70°.”  Vicki shared Dalene’s apartment.  L-R above: Dalene, Vicki, unknown man poolside at the apartment building.  Big hair was popular.

Old Washing Machine

In Minneapolis on Thursday, May 21, 1959, Dale wrote, “Shower and cool, high 59°.  Went after another part for the washer before work.  Helen and I worked on it for the 3rd straight night, after supper.  Got it fixed this time, runs like a new one.”  It was a wringer-washer similar to the one above.

Two Old Cars

In Minneapolis on Sunday, May 20, 1956, Dale wrote, “Beautiful day.  80°.  Took Dalene for a ride.  Worked in the upstairs apartment putting window shades up.  Family took a sun bath in the back yard.  Stan took Dalene for a ride in the evening.”  Above: I’m in front of the folks’ house, with Dad’s 1948 Dodge and my 1949 Ford in the driveway.

‘The Fortune Teller’

In Muscatine on Tuesday, May 19, 1953, Dale wrote, “Dalene and Mary went to a high school operetta.”  Mary was a friend.  The operetta was The Fortune Teller by Victor Herbert, the spring musical comedy by the high school chorus, under the direction of Max Collins.  I was a sophomore, in the chorus of Hussars with Jim Davis, John Evans, Richard Herlein, Jerry Hufford, Glen Minor, David Pace, and David Schmarje.

Visiting Reseda

On Thursday, May 18, 1961, Dale wrote, “Annual leave.  In Reseda.  Up late.  High 73° and cloudy until noon.  Bought some film.  Dalene called after supper.”  Dale and Helen were vacationing from Minneapolis with Judy and me in California.  The map shows where Reseda is (the pushpin in the San Fernando Valley) in relation to the greater Los Angeles area.  I commuted daily to Santa Monica.

Downtown Shopping

In Minneapolis on Saturday, May 17, 1958, Dale wrote, “Rain, we need it.  Took Mother downtown to some stores.  I bought 6 pair of socks.  Stan got his Chevy tuned up.”  Dale’s mother, Jettie, was visiting from Osceola.  Above: 1958 postcard of Nicollet Avenue (Donaldson’s department store at left) downtown.

Buying Groceries

In Minneapolis on Friday, May 16, 1958, Dale wrote, “Beautiful day, high 85°.  Mother and I went to the grocery store.”  Dale’s mother Jettie was visiting from Osceola.

What’s A WAC?

On Friday, May 15, 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed into law an auxiliary unit of the United States Army, the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC).  It was converted to full status as the Women’s Army Corps (WAC) in 1943.  Its members were known as WACs.

Cool Inside

Still visiting in Reseda, California, from Minneapolis on Sunday, May 14, 1961, Dale wrote, “Stayed home all day.  I cleaned and waxed the Plymouth.  High 85°.  Air conditioner on and inside was 78°.  Fried chicken supper.  Stan and Judy went to a drive-in movie.”  The box-like evaporative cooler on our roof, above, was the air conditioner.

San Diego Overnight

On Friday, May 13, 1966, on their way from Minneapolis to California, Dale wrote, “Helen and I drove from Phoenix to San Diego, California, 371 miles today.  High in the desert was 90°, in San Diego about 70° and cloudy.  Spent the afternoon and night at The Surfer Motel.  Pretty lush.”  The photo above is San Diego’s Imperial Beach, just because I love ’57 Chevys.

‘Cinerama Holiday’

In Minneapolis on Saturday, May 12, 1956, Dale wrote, “Mother gave each of her children $1,000.  Wonderful.  Called Marie in the evening to talk about it.  Helen worked 3 to 10:30 at the Hampshire Arms.  Dalene and I went to Cinerama Holiday.”  Marie was Dale’s sister.
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