Williams and Stanley in 1941 on the first tractor Williams owned after farming with horses

The diary for 1941 had no entries for most of the fourth quarter.  But the first two weeks of February 1939 (all that I have found for that year) are included at the beginning.  No diary for 1940 was found.  At the outset of 1941, much of the world was in World War II.  The U.S., of course, joined at the end of the year after the Japanese Imperial Navy attacked Pearl Harbor, the U.S. Navy Base in Honolulu, Hawaii.  It must have made for some really interesting radio broadcasts, not the least of which was President Roosevelt’s “A Day That Will Live In Infamy” speech.   During this year, Dale joined the First Christian Church and was baptized.  He also turned 32 and Helen celebrated her 30th.  They bought another Model A Ford.  We were living at 1756 Edgerton Street in St. Paul, and didn’t move the entire year!

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