Left to right: Lloyd Gardner, Don Schaffer, Dale Gardner, Gene Yates in 1940

Dad’s diary from 1938 is short – it’s missing most of April, part of May, all of June and July, some of August, and all of September to the end of the year.  There were no entries during those periods.  Dale and Helen were living on a farm outside Washington at the beginning of 1938.  In February we moved to 1959 Holbrook Terrace in Washington, and from Dale’s address history I know we moved in June to 265 Dayton Avenue in St. Paul, Minnesota, and again in November to an unknown address on University Avenue in St. Paul.  So this year, they moved three times, just as in 1937.  A personal observation: we moved 14 times among 5 cities (Washington, St. Paul, Omaha, Clinton Iowa, and Muscatine Iowa) during my first 10 years of life.  So for me, moving just seemed to be a normal occurrence.  I still don’t feel anxiety about moving – I’ve done it 19 additional times and I expect to move at least once more.

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