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On Wednesday, March 31, 1943, “Oklahoma!,” the first musical play by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, opened on Broadway (above).  Just 12 years later, it was the spring musical production by the Muscatine High School chorus.

Beautiful Music

In Muscatine on Tuesday, March 30, 1954, Dale wrote, “Worked 4 hours.  Took Helen to dentist & to pick out new spring coat.  Went to high school at night for supper & to listen to high school music groups sing.”  One of the music groups was the boy’s quartet, above.  Left to right: me, Larry Misel, John Evans, and Jerry Hufford; seated is our accompanist Judy Smith.  We were very fashionable in charcoal and pink!

Visiting Harley

In Iowa City on Wednesday, March 29, 1967, Dale wrote, “Took Helen to the hospital to be with Harley.  I drove to Muscatine.  Spent the afternoon around the alcohol plant.  Drove back to Iowa City, had supper at the motel and back to visit Harley a little while in the evening.  High about 70°.”  Above: it was only 36 miles from Iowa City to Muscatine.

Iowa City Trip

On Tuesday, March 28, 1967, Dale wrote, “Helen and I drove from Minneapolis to Iowa City and went to see Harley.  Eva and her son Mike were there too.  Beautiful day in Iowa City, probably 75°.  Nice motel, Best Western.”  Harley was one of Helen’s brothers and Eva was Harley’s daughter.  Above: a young Harley.

Warm March Day

In Muscatine on Friday, March 27, 1953, Dale wrote, “Walked downtown & back in forenoon.  Warm.  Sent for Stanley’s watch & letter to Mother.  Wilma called at 2:30 P.M. to tell us China is coming to stay all night.”  Wilma was Helen’s sister and ‘China’ was the nickname for Helen’s brother Pearl, above at a younger age.

Harley In Iowa City

In Minneapolis on Sunday, March 26, 1967, after visiting in Osceola, Dale wrote, “Helen and I left Osceola early, stopped at Gerald and Ressia’s a short time.  Drove all the way home in the rain against the wind.  Helen made a reservation on an Ozark plane for Tuesday to Cedar Rapids, she is going to see Harley in the Iowa City hospital.  Talked to Dalene in the evening, she gets 24 mpg on her new VW.”  Gerald and Harley were two of Helen’s brothers.  The next day, Dale decided to take her to Iowa City, so he took the rest of the week off and they canceled the reservation.  Above: Osceola to Latimer, Iowa, about 130 miles, where Gerald and his wife Ressia lived.

Just Looking


On Saturday, March 25, 1967, visiting from Minneapolis in Osceola with Helen, Dale wrote, “Helen and I rode around town, just looking.  Helen and Wilma went out to Eva’s to visit.  I stayed at Marie’s.  Dinner at Ruth and Louie’s.  Supper at Wilma’s.  High about 60° and cloudy and light showers in the evening.  At Mother’s in the evening.”  Wilma was Helen’s sister, Eva was Helen’s niece, Marie was Dale’s sister, Louie (wife Ruth) was Helen’s brother.  I think they were mentally preparing for their move to Osceola after Dale’s 1968 retirement.  Above: Osceola is about 295 miles south of Minneapolis.

Good Supper


In Muscatine on Monday, March 24, 1952, Dale wrote “Worked 8 to 4:30.  Cold & windy.  33° above.  Filled 8 trucks today.  Letter from Lela & Wilma.  Steak for supper.  Saw film of Davenport beat Keokuk at night on TV.”  Lela and Wilma were Helen’s sisters.

Wrestling On TV


In Muscatine on Friday, March 23, 1951, Dale wrote, “Worked 8 to 4:30.  Rain, snow, & sleet today.  No school today.  Took family to library & store in evening.  Smiths here at night to watch TV.  Boxing & wrestling & etc.”  The Smith family lived several houses up the street from us.

Northrop Concert


In Minneapolis on Sunday, March 22, 1959, Dale wrote, “Quiet day.  I finished pruning the lilac hedge.  Dalene went to Diana Michelson’s confirmation.  She also went to a concert at Northrop Auditorium in the afternoon.  Very windy.  High about 42°.”  Diana was a friend.  Northrop Auditorium, above, is on the main campus of the University of Minnesota.

Watching TV At Work


In Minneapolis on Thursday, March 21, 1957, Dale rented a portable television set to watch state high school basketball tournament games at work.  In glorious black and white, of course.

Uncle Joe Died


In Muscatine on Thursday, March 20, 1952, Dale wrote, “Worked 8 – 4:30.  Marie called to say Uncle Joe died Tuesday night.  Wants us to come over.  Went to store for groceries.  Got Dalene’s shoe fixed.”  Marie, in Osceola, was Dale’s sister.  Joseph Garwood was married to Sarah Gardner, daughter of John McBain Gardner, who was Dale’s great-grandfather.  They called Joe and Sarah ‘Uncle’ Joe and ‘Aunt’ Sarah anyway.

State Basketball Tournament


In Minneapolis on Thursday, March 19, 1964, Dale wrote, “Sick leave.  Toothache and nerve spasm.  The back of my left hand broke out in little red spots about 9 p.m.  Watched the state high school basketball tourney.  Sheila thinks she got a job, she will know tomorrow.”  He had a tooth filled the previous day.  Sheila La Von rented the basement room, and she did get a job the next day, at Acme-Perdom Hardware Company.

Figuring Income Tax


In Muscatine on Friday, March 18, 1955, Dale took the day off work and wrote, “Helen off at 11 A.M.  Went to Lawrence’s to figure income tax.  Went back at night to watch State basketball tourney at Des Moines.”

A Young Man’s Fancy


In Minneapolis on Saturday, March 17, 1956, Dale wrote that I drove from Minneapolis to Muscatine to spend my spring break there.  It seems there was this girl in Muscatine….

Computer Job Interview


In Minneapolis on Monday, March 16, 1959, Dale wrote, “Clear, high 25°.  Took Helen and Dalene to S&L and to Atlantic Mills after supper.  Stan had an interview at the Calhoun Beach Hotel for a job with a computer outfit in Santa Monica, California.”  That computer outfit was System Development Corporation (SDC), a spin-off of The RAND Corporation and prime contractor to the Air Force.  They were recruiting college math majors to be computer programmers, and that’s where I started my career in information systems.  The logo above shows a hyperbolic paraboloid; employees called it a flying diaper.

Gonna Visit Reseda


In Minneapolis on Wednesday, March 15, 1961, Dale wrote, “High 35°.  We called Stan and Judy to tell them we’re coming out to L.A. for the month of April.”  They then drove out and their Plymouth is parked in front of our house in Reseda, above.  We bought the three-bedroom house in 1960 for $14,750 – inflation alone would price it at $116,500 today, and the crazy escalation of housing experienced in California would raise it significantly higher.

Gene And Lela Visit


In Minneapolis on Saturday, March 14, 1964, Dale wrote, “Helen and I went to Bridgeman’s for supper.  Gene and Lela came to stay all night.  High 45° and clear.”  Bridgeman’s was a nearby restaurant.  Above: Gene Yates (Dale’s first cousin) and his wife Lela (Helen’s sister) at Dale and Helen’s house.

Fun Night


In Muscatine on Friday, March 13, 1953, Dale wrote “Sick leave.  Had 4th hormone shot of Dr. Miller.  Nice day.  Stan to ‘Fun Night’ at night to dance, etc.  No mail.  To bed late.”  Fun Night was held at the YWCA, and many (not all) boys stood around the edge of the dance floor watching girls dance while they worked up their courage to ask a girl to dance.  Or was that just me?

Quick Diet


In Minneapolis on Wednesday, March 12, 1958, Dale wrote that I was home with the Asian flu, starting March 11 and lasting until March 14, during which time I missed work and evening classes and lost 10 pounds.  Dalene had it the next week.
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