Newspaper photo taken January 5, 1936
The “Four Corners” of Osceola looking west along McLane (U.S. Highway 34)

The two-lane street in the photo above was partially blocked by the heavy snows that fell.  1936 was a momentous year for Dale and Helen.  They started the year as farmers but can’t sustain themselves at that.  So they got a job working nights at the Puritan Cafe in Osceola, he as the cook, and she as the waitress.  Dale applied for a Civil Service position as a file clerk in Washington, D.C.  He was accepted, and they moved to Washington in April, but he immediately contracted the mumps.  The move to Washington started his career working for the federal government until he retired.  My parents moved from one apartment to another in their search for a balance between cost and comfort, so I include some maps of the various Washington neighborhoods they were in from time to time.

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