Ralph and Marie Kimmel after he enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1942

Dale’s diary for the year 1942 has only a few entries during the first quarter, and there are no entries for the second half.  This was the first full year of U.S. participation in World War II.  Dale and Helen visited a number of family members.  We know from his diary for just the first six months that they saw Jettie and Williams Gardner, Marie Kimmel (Ralph was in the service), Lela and Gene Yates, Wilma and George Casey, and all the Schaffer brothers except for Lloyd: Earl and Rouine, China and Cedar, Harley and Dot, Louie and Ruth, Gerald and Ressia.  Other relatives were likely seen from July to the end of the year, particularly over the Fourth of July holiday, since it was our family custom to be in Osceola for the Fourth, enjoy family dinners, and spend time on farms and uptown visiting with friends and family.  I still like to read those events.

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