One Big Family


Now living in Osceola on Thursday, January 30, 1969, Dale wrote, “About 16° above, windy, cloudy.  Very, very icy.  Visited at Keith’s a little while in the afternoon.  Marie here a minute.  Supper at Pleasant’s, saw Emil and Ruth and their son there.”  Keith Schaffer was a nephew of Helen’s, Marie was Dale’s sister; Pleasant’s was a restaurant.  Emil Rinderspacher would be the soloist at Helen’s funeral in 1996, singing Amazing Grace and Whispering Hope.  His wife, Ruth LaFollette, was the granddaughter of Jonathon Norville Williams; she and Dale had the same great-grandfather, Jonathon Smith Williams.  Dale’s father, Williams Gardner, was named after Nancy Ellen Williams, a daughter of Jonathon Smith Williams.

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