Dale’s Office Party

In St. Paul on Saturday, July 12, 1941, Dale worked a half day, and the office staff had a party for his 32nd birthday.  He wrote, “Left St. Paul at 12:30, arrived in Osceola at 8:30.  Went to folks house to stay all night.  Uncle Pearls and Don and Ethel there too.  Surprised the folks.”

The ‘folks’ were Jettie and Williams Gardner, Dale’s parents, who lived on a farm near Osceola.  Pearl Yates was married to Lena Gardner, Dale’s aunt.  Don Matheny was a son of Fred Matheny and Elsie Gardner, another aunt of Dale’s, and Ethel was his wife.  Look on the family tree under Isaac Newton Gardner: http://isaacgardner.tribalpages.com.

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